This is HOW BILL GATES THINKS 💻, according to his BEST QUOTES and ideas💰.

Recently I was reading about one of the richest mans of the world, and one of who we may learn a lot.

I'm talking about Bill Gates.

Since I was a child, I found technology as something pretty amazing. It's a world that everybody must know at least at its basics.

I think B. G. is one of the most important people in the technology environment. Without his work and ideas the world may not have technological advantages that have now.

That's why I decided to write a little bit about some of his most interesting ideas and quotes, to share part of his knowledge with you.

This is a list of 10 topics with his best quotes and ideas, take a sit at your favorite place and enjoy:

1. Addiction to technology.
- For me, it's better if a guy is addicted to his personal computer than if he is to T.V. At least his mind is taking decisions (1986).

2. About Apple (His competitor).
- To create a new standard, it is required something which is not only a bit different; it needs to be something really new and that gets people attention. The Macintosh is the only computer that have all this requisites (1984).

3. The clients in business.
- Your most unhappy clients, are the most important source of learning (1999).

- Something that is rarely commented, is that the software business sells much more to other businesses than to consumers (2008).

4. Capitalism
- People underestimate how effective capitalism is in keeping even the most successful companies on the brink (2001).

- Capitalism is great and it causes thousands of things to take place in parallel. And many of these fail. Some are just mediocre. But the special ones can grow and, you know, surprise everyone (2009).

5. Childhood.
- I tried to be normal as much as I could (1992).

- I actually had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think it was because I had the opportunity to read a lot (2008).

6. China.
-About three million computers are sold in China a year, but people don't pay for the software. Someday they will. And if they plan to steal it, we want them to steal ours. Let's say that somehow they will become addicted to it and we will already manage to collect what corresponds to us in the next decade (1998).

- It is exciting to witness what is happening in China. It is excellent for us. If we could choose between making all the Chinese as wealthy as we are or being as poor as they were in 1979, we would certainly choose to make them consumers and inventors, as we are. They are very far from it but they constitute a population large enough to incubate large things inside (2009).

7. University education
- I am concerned to hear that there are young people who do not want to go to university due to the fact that I did not graduate. Let's be clear: I got a very good education even though I didn't stay long enough to graduate. Plus, every year, making college education as important today as high school was once (1996).

8. Computers vs People.
- Computers are wonderful because when you work with them, you get immediate results that allows you to know whether your program works or not. It's a feedback you don't get from many other things (1995).

9. Leave Harvard.
- We realized that things were starting to happen, and the simple fact of having had a vision of where this chip should go and what it could mean, did not imply that the industry would wait for me until I finished my studies at Harvard (1996).

10. The old times. 
- We weren't even governed by the 24-hour clock: Four or five of us came and programmed for two days in a row. When it was time to eat, we got in our cars, ran to a restaurant and sat down to talk about what we were doing. Sometimes I get excited talking about things and forget to eat. Then we would go back and code more. It was about something between friends, those were fun days (1996).

- For us, life consisted of working and perhaps going to the cinema to return to work a little more. Sometimes clients came and we were so tired that we fell asleep in front of them. Or I would lie on the floor in an internal meeting, I like to do that during brainstorming. And then I fell asleep (1995).

-We made contests to see who can stay at build three or four days in a row. Some sensible people told us: "Go home and take a shower" (1999).

- I was responsible for making things move. I was the guy who said, "Let's call the real world and try to sell it something" (1992).


Leave a comment if you would like me to write about an specific topic or character.

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