When I was in school I found 200 reasons to distract myself every time I decided to study. Especially when I needed to do it the most.

Sometimes, when your mind is not in the mood, it may be difficult to find the right moment or motivation to sit down to study for that difficult exam, or to advance in that final project that has you worried but still you cannot finish.

That is why I wrote this post with some tips that help me move forward in my activities and complete all those earrings that do not allow me to be calm.

Among other things I use this list when I feel lost:

1. The first step is to organize your tasks.
Make a list of all the activities you want to complete and order them from highest to lowest priority. You will notice that many of the tasks you must do will not take more than 5 minutes. You can start by doing some of those tasks. So, at the end you will feel that you can complete something bigger.

2. Dedicate yourself to one thing at a time(Avoid multi-tasking).
Many times we want to do so many things at the same time that we feel that we are not advancing in any and we start to get frustrated. Something simple but effective is to dedicate ourselves exclusively to one task until completing it, and then move on to the next one. You will see how the list decreases faster than trying to do several things at once.

3. Music
Doing our chores in silence helps, but I am a faithful believer that if your mind is listening to music of your liking with a moderate volume, it can think faster and motivate you to finish that task that you have started. It is about making that situation that requires attention and creativity a little more pleasant. A good playlist can help you complete tasks in less time.

4. Order
Working in an orderly place will always be of great help when studying or completing a task. If your desk is messed up it will be difficult for you to concentrate if you have to move food dishes or suction cups to accommodate your book or computer. I know we have all been through this situation, but definitely my advice is that before studying, you order the place where you will. Think that it is your temple of learning and that you will learn more and better by working orderly.

5. Find your learning method.
We all have ways of learning in which we feel more comfortable. Reading, watching videos, attending classes with more students, or simply listening to a podcast can be very useful tools when learning, but you must be aware that each person is different and therefore can have different results than you do find the proper way to study. You must try several methods and find yours. This does not limit that you can have several but you should definitely focus on those that most potentiate your learning.

6. Work on improving your mind.
Many people have the false concept that their ability to remember things is limited and that they cannot do anything about it. There are many exercises or games you can do to increase your mind by a few gigabytes and remember important information such as phone numbers, data, characters or even formulas that will come in your next exam. You can rely on Mnemonics that will help you remember information.

7. Finally, finish that damn task!
You need to give an extra if you want that task to be completed before the due date. To finish a career or a course, you must strive to the degree that you probably spend sleepless nights. In my case I was 3 days in which I only slept 4 hours a day to be able to finish my final project. I arrived at the presentation without having slept practically anything and with difficulty keeping awake, but once the engineers saw the project and approved me, it was one of the greatest satisfactions I could have had. The following days were of recovery and it was totally worth it. If you take responsibility for your work, you will see that you can please it at any cost.

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  1. Motivation is important for students. If your children are facing challenges in study parents should motivate them. Parents are responsible for our children’s future. Try and attempt many different ways to motivate our children. Parents can use these ideas to encourage their child for study. These are very effective ideas. Parents can help develop positive attitudes towards learning and school. Your child will feel good and start to take ownership of their own learning.


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