Monday, April 27, 2020


Most people think first about expressing their interests and then about finding a suitable audience.

To achieve success it is necessary to do the opposite and first make a study on the interests of the desired public. With this we can define which path to take.

You must review the trends and demands of the public. Once you have full knowledge of the demand, you can create the irresistible offer for them.

As you embark on your path to success, you must not fear criticism. Criticism is so important that without it, it is not possible to have that exponential growth that helps us achieve it.

You must maintain as much contact with your environment as possible, to the point that you feel what is happening around you as if it happened to you.

This is the way to have control over the situation and avoid being surprised by circumstances that shouldn't cause you problems.

Knowing perfectly the environment in which you operate will make you have an advantage over your opponents to be the winner in any of the topics that you develop.

Becoming an expert, as you may have imagined, is not an easy task. Great teachers in any discipline take years to achieve that status and even having achieved it they never stop learning.

Your goal must always be to know more than others and to be able to share it with whoever is really interested in learning, regardless of whether this person can be a rival, if someone learns from you, will begin to see you as its teacher and therefore will respect you.

You should not be afraid to teach what you know, knowledge must be transmitted through the generations. It is useless for you to take all your years of experience without having shared them with others.

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