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Best 17 MOTIVATIONAL MOVIES ๐Ÿ‹️ you must watch when you are having hard times.

This post is a regressive list of motivational movies that will inspire you to achieve your dreams despite the difficulties that may arise. There are 17 films with a wide variety of themes but with a common goal, to show characters who were able to get ahead in the face of adversity and who showed the world what they were capable of. 17. Pain and gain - (2013) 16. Rush - (2013) 15. The social network - (2010) 14. Million Dollar Baby - (2004) 13. The bucket list - (2007) 12. The Wolf of Wallstreet (2013). 11. Gladiator - (2000) 10. Remember the Titans - (2000)      Denzel Washington 9. Coach Carter - (2005) 8. The Shawshank redemption - (2004) 7. The boiler room - (2000) - Benn Affleck   6. The Shawshank Redemption - (1994)  5.The pursuit of happiness -(2006) 4.Any given Sunday - (1999) 3. Forrest Gump - (1994) - Tom Hanks 2. Rocky - (1976) - Silvestre Stallone. 1.  Men of Honor - (2000) - Robert de Niro If there's any movie you think should be in this post please share it to the co

Reprogramming your mind

  Many times we have heard that people are subconsciously programmed according to our social class, this has some truth, but it does not mean that it is definitive. As part of a society, our status is normally defined by the return we give to the community, that is, the more our skills help solve bigger problems and the less people can do it, the greater the possibility that our income will be greater. There are different areas in which we possibly have a lot of experience and that make us do well in our businesses, jobs, school, personal life, etc., but what if we trained ourselves to improve in the aspects in which we are not so good? How much would our quality of life improve if we dedicated a few hours a day to learning about other areas that are not familiar to us? Some time ago I noticed that in my work as a programmer, after several years of experience, my way of thinking was totally related to the methodologies used in computing and that I had extensive knowledge in this field,